VNDLY is the first VMS with a Certified Integration for Workday

By leveraging pre-existing Workday APIs, VNDLY has created an agile connector that creates a seamless experience between employees and the extended workforce. This native, API-based integration is easy to implement, reducing implementation time, limiting duplicate work, and increasing data efficacy.

With 24 different scenarios which use automation to seamlessly bring Workday and VNDLY together, this integration takes strides towards true Total Talent Management.

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Setting up our Workday Integration is really that easy.


As VNDLY worked with joint Workday customers on earning our certification, we heard the question, “is it really that easy?” often—and yes, it really is that easy.

Using native Workday APIs, VNDLY is utilizing automation to increase efficiency through real-time updates. By working with joint customers, VNDLY crafted an integration which covers 24 different scenarios. Each scenario provides teams with an efficient way to transfer data, move data between systems, or maintain data through automation, allowing them to focus on more impactful tasks.

  • Allows teams to import foundational configuration and data from Workday into VNDLY
  • Import: Supervisory Organizations, Locations, Cost Centers, and Workers directly into VNDLY 
  • Reduce duplicate entry for new data with real-time updates
  • Centralize foundational data to better track costs across jobs and candidates
  • Facilitate workforce management by providing visibility and data sharing between the two systems
  • Manage everything from creating job listings to wrapping up contracts with employees
  • Update important data in real-time in both systems whether you’re in VNDLY or Workday
  • Submit candidates faster with better visibility into your talent pool

“With the Workday and VNDLY integration, I can get full workforce visibility to attract, retain and manage the best possible contingent workforce. The integration developed by VNDLY enabled my team to take weeks and months off implementation timelines, maintain the integrity of our data and create the flexibility to accommodate changing business needs.”

– Melissa Stegman, Fifth Third Bank.

Faster Implementation, lower costs, and no more duplicate work.

This Workday integration allows customers to implement and manage contingent workforce programs faster. 

Your team won’t have to wait for a custom integration to be built, it’s as simple as implementing the VNDLY connector for Workday, mapping fields, and getting to work. With the reduction in implementation time and reuse of processes, the partnership between VNDLY and Workday can benefit Program Managers and MSPs looking to increase the value they provide to their customers, without compromising revenue. 

Prevent provisioning delays in your extended workforce using our Workday Integration.

  Reuse business processes that you’ve already built for your extended workforce. VNDLY’s integration can trigger existing processes in Workday during onboarding for contingent employees, expediting your processes and taking advantage of downstream Workday APIs. Leveraging integration investments that were made during Workday implementation not only enables productivity, but also ensures organizational compliance. By integrating the two systems, your team can maintain consistency between your full-time and temporary employees to mitigate compliance risks without slowing down the provisioning process.

Message from our CEO

Total Talent Management is now a reality: Workday + VNDLY

I am excited to announce that VNDLY’s Workforce Connector for Workday has been awarded a Workday Certified Badge. The right product, mission, and partners are all a part of becoming a disruptor in an industry.

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VNDLY is transforming the way companies manage their extended workforces. Our modern, cloud-based platform and pre-built API integrations mean that we can create and support technology ecosystems while fostering digital transformation. We make sure our clients easily and effectively manage every aspect of their extended workforce programs. For more information about our solutions—extended workforce management, statement of work, total talent acquisition, and independent contractor management.

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